House near Pontesecures in Spain on the Camino de Santiago

Pontecesures to Santiago 27km

One Long Day instead of Two Shorter Ones

We walked from Pontecesures to Santiago, arriving a day earlier than expected.

Queuing for our Compostela

I write this as we stand in the queue to get our compostelas. The certificate for walking the Camino. Rain is dripping on my screen. But this is one way to pass the time and distract me from my now throbbing feet. We’ve been here for an hour and it may be another hour before we get to the counter. Such is the popularity of this pilgrimage.


A Chance Meeting

Two planned short days became one long one. If the body’s willing – why not? We decided to push on to Santiago. And with luck on our side, we ran into Di and Humphrey who are leaving tomorrow. We’ll share a bottle of vino tinto with them this evening.


Today was mostly a pleasant walk through narrow lanes between and behind cottages. As in Portugal,  some were beautifully renovated


while others needed much TLC.

Old Window on Camino de Santiago

The fish market was preparing for Saturday morning business.


The Fishmonger Comes to You

Weeks ago, in Portugal a little old woman dressed in black with a white apron bought her fish from a refrigerated van. Here in Spain the same thing happens.


I’ve focused on the dogs we’ve seen along the way. As I passed yet another cat, this one hunting sparrows in a field,  I thought it about time to mention cats.

But that will have to wait. …..We’re at the front of the queue. More plus reflections later.

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