Celebrating the end of the Portuguese Camino in Santiago

Santiago contd…..

I interrupted my tale yesterday when we were finally called to the counter to get our compostelas and the certificates showing that we walked from Lisbon to Santiago. And I can promise we walked every step of the way. ..and some more.




20151011-Pontecesure to Santiago image1


Yesterday,  passing the first coffee shop (it was doing a roaring trade) we came across another quieter one. Two women and a man were enjoying something homemade. “We’ll have what they’re having,  por favor”. Rather large servings of yummy homemade apple crumble and apple pie which kept us going for the rest of the day.


Inspirational Stories

We got talking to the man, a social worker from Holland.  Each year he walks the last 100 or 150km of the Camino Frances or the Camino Portugues with a group.  No ordinary group mind you. They are people who have had kidney transplants and/or their partners. And I was starting to feel just a little pleased with myself!

The Portuguese Camino has been a Challenge

This journey has been hard. Much harder than the Camino Frances. Partly because this time we carried our packs. The route itself was more challenging.  But the wonderful experiences by far outweigh the difficulties. In a few days when my feet are back to normal what will remain are fond memories.


Time for Reflection

I was overwhelmed when we walked into Santiago yesterday and again at mass this morning. The botafumiero swung but this time my camera stayed in my bag while I absorbed the experience.


Thank you for reading this blog and for your encouragement. The blog and you kept me going.




  1. Hi Joanne
    My daughter and I planning to walk from Lisbon to Santiago (my daughter meeting me in Porto). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading through your story and feel now I’m well prepared, well, as much as I can be until I set off. Thank you thank you thank for taking the time to not only write but also your photos are beautiful.
    Jen Kaz

    1. Author

      Hello Jen, I’m pleased that my experience has helped with your preparation. I remember our Camino fondly although it was a while ago now. I still carry some of my learnings form the Camino with me. Buen Camino or as they say in Portugal Bon Camino

  2. So wonderful to read about your walk…. very helpful hints too.
    I’m setting off from Lisbon, heading to Fatima then the central route to SdC.
    Bom Caminho
    Love Miki
    ( Gold coast)

    1. Author

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading about my journey. Buen Camino or in Portuguese Bom Caminho. A friend is walking right now and I am reliving my experience through him.

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