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Communal Living in St Petersburg

Doctor Zhivago, in the epic drama, returns to his Moscow home to find it occupied by several working-class families. Bolsheviks had taken over the large house, divided it into tenements and handed the accommodation over to strangers.

Today in Russia, … Read the rest

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Moscow’s GUM Store on Red Square

Mention Moscow’s Red Square and rows of tanks and military parades might come to mind, not a world class shopping centre. Yet, along the eastern border of Red Square an intricate   neo-Russian façade opens into GUM, a large shopping mall … Read the rest

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Finding All the Tea in China

Something marvellous is unfolding inside the delicate glass teapot. I watch mesmerised as the tightly rolled ball of tea leaves slowly opens to reveal a golden yellow flower. This, the Princess Flower Tea, is my tea of choice when visiting … Read the rest

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Guide to the Trans-Mongolian Railway

Venturing aboard the Trans-Mongolian is to embark on an adventure, an adventure that it is well to be prepared for. Friends who’ve travelled on the Trans-Siberian and Trans- Mongolian trains tell colourful stories about their experiences.

The Trans Mongolian Train in Beijng
First Sight of our
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Labour Camps (Gulags) in Russia

Labour Camps (Gulags) were a cruel reality during the Repression years in the USSR. A visit to Russia really is incomplete without spending at least a little time learning about the Gulags and the system of repression.

Perm 36, the … Read the rest

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Crazy Guides Communist Tour in Kraków

Forewarned that the transport for Crazy Guides Communist tour (a vintage Trabant) is prone to breakdown, we hoped this wouldn’t happen on the way to picking us up. We needn’t have worried.

Our daughter having recently experienced the Crazy Guides … Read the rest