I live on Dangar Island, a suburb on the Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney, Australia. My life on Dangar Island and that of the children who grow up there prompted me to write a children’s picture book about this unique place.

From my desk at home, every morning just after 10 O’clock, I see The Riverboat Postman cruising past on its way to deliver mail along the Hawkesbury River. This cruise is the focus of my second book where two children take a ride on The Riverboat Postman and explore river life.

Both books have been extremely well received and are on bookshelves in homes all over the world.

“Dangar Island: Birds, Barrows, a Ferry and Me”

Map of Dangar Island

This is a story in rhyme told by a little boy who lives on Dangar Island on the Hawkesbury River in Sydney, Australia. The boy invites the reader into his world, describing his unique way of life on an island only accessible by ferry or boat.

The reader meets the birds and animals of the island and finds out why there are so many wheelbarrows lined up along the side of the road. Dangar Island is a real place situated on the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney, Australia.

Crossing the River
Fishing with Dad

You can get “Dangar Island: Birds Barrows a Ferry and Me” Here

Reviews for Dangar Island: Birds, Barrows, a Ferry and Me

Dangar Island by Joanne Karcz combines wonderfully whimsical text with delightful illustrations by Jacqui Selby. I felt that I stepped onto this enchanting island of birds, barrows ferries and more… a very special place to roam.
– Paul Macdonald, Owner The Children’s Bookshop, Beecroft.

Dangar Island birds, barrows, a ferry and me written by Joanne Karcz and illustrated by Jacqui Selby, is a most delightful story for young children. It depicts the uncomplicated happy lifestyle of a small boy living on a sparsely populated little island in the Hawkesbury River, not very far from the bustle of inner city Sydney.

The freedom in this little character’s childhood to explore and enjoy nature is so different to that of many young people, making the story fun and informative, as well as developing curiosity about another child’s home.

The author’s clever use of rhyme throughout creates a rhythm and an image that helps readers and listeners remember the story. The small amount of text, placed in a clear space on each page, is enhanced beautifully by the illustrator’s wonderful depictions of the easy to read, everyday language used.

The soft and calming illustrations capture the nature and peace of this place perfectly, add meaning and encourage readers to engage with the story. They are simple, yet detailed, making the places, characters, animal life and objects all look very real. I love the use of broad areas of colour and double page spreads encouraging young readers’ eyes to move across the page.

“Dangar Island birds, barrow, a ferry and me” will be enjoyed over and over by the very early years through early Primary school ages.
– Anne Todd, Primary School Teacher, Queensland Australia

“The Riverboat Postman”

Also in rhyme, The Riverboat Postman tells the story of a journey up the Hawkesbury River on the Riverboat Postman. The homes along the river are water access only, and their mail is delivered by boat.

Along the way, the little girl and her friend describe to the reader what they see from the Riverboat. They introduce the reader to houses with quaint names, river dogs and a beautiful sea eagle. The Riverboat Postman is real. It delivers mail each weekday to properties on the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney Australia. You can join the Riverboat Postman for a cruise if you so wish.

You can get “The Riverboat Postman” Here

Reviews for The Riverboat Postman

I met the author of this wonderful children’s book outside the Riverboat Postman ticket office. I had been exploring the waterways around Dangar Island on the Hawkesbury River, and heard about the boat that delivered Post to island communities.

Beautifully illustrated, the story captures the voyage of the Riverboat Postman as he goes about his daily work. The rhythm of the verse is charming.

I look forward to many happy hours reading this wonderful tale to my granddaughter, and showing her the way of life in a river community.

Di Burton, Yorkshire, Summer 2018

The Riverboat Postman
Di Burton with Joanne Karcz

Caelia Collins, Manager, Hawkesbury Cruises

We were so delighted after reading Joanne Karcz’s first children’s book: “Dangar Island: Birds, Barrows, A Ferry & Me” that we asked her to write one for us too! So, onto The Riverboat Postman she stepped, furiously taking notes and photographs as she sailed along.

The results were better than anything we could have imagined. Beautifully expressing the sights, history and river locals that our guests encounter along the way, Joanne captured the essence of a day aboard The Riverboat Postman in all its glory. Flicking through the pages, one really feels as though they are out on the boat. Thank you Joanne, for this exquisite storybook – it is a true treasure.