Travel with Joanne
With this blog, Travel with Joanne, I have challenged myself to explore Suburban Sydney and share my findings with you every fortnight. In between researching, walking and writing, I have been busy writing and managing another creative project – writing and publishing two Children’s Picture Books.


Living on the Hawkesbury River provided me with the creative inspiration for my books.

I didn’t know the first thing about publishing and needed to find someone to put my ideas into picture form. I learnt as much as I could about publishing and printing, found illustrators, and managed the projects myself. The result is two self-published children’s picture books that have found their way all over the world.

These days my time is taken up with posting about new suburbs every fortnight and dreaming about my next  book.

My Children’s Picture Books

My children’s picture books are about places very dear to my heart – Dangar Island and the Hawkesbury River. They describe a life that many can only dream of. They are suitable for children from about age 3 to early readers.

Danger Island - a children's picture book

Dangar Island: birds, barrows, a ferry and me is a simple story told in rhyme about the enviable life that children who live on Dangar Island lead. Available here


The Riverboat Postman - a children's picture book

The Riverboat Postman, also in rhyme, tells the story of the ride that two children take on The Riverboat Postman, delivering mail along the Hawkesbury River. Available here