Tomar – Cortica 25.4km

The usefulness of Walking Poles

My arms got a workout on this stage from Tomar to Cortica. The pretty track went up. And up. And up. Using my walking poles as if I were skiing I propelled myself up hill after hill. The poles save my knees and help me along. Once at the top, the reward was seeing for miles across the the green valleys to the terracotta roofs and white walls of little villages.

We started off strongly, walking a track alongside a stream.

Tomar to Cortica

Reflections on leaving Tomar

For once we passed under a main road instead of trudging along it.

Tomar to Cortica

Bom Caminho

And for the guerilla knitters amongst you:

Guerilla knitting on the Portuguese Camino

Guerilla Knitting on the Portuguese Camino


Dogs protect their territory fiercely and I’m pleased to have my walking poles as a warning to them to keep their distance. Some are rather large.

Dogs on the Prtuguese Camino

This one’s a pup


Lunch was a simple affair under the shade of the eucalypts.

Lunch on the Portuguese Camino

Lunch on the Portuguese Camino

This is not easy

Twenty five kilometers today was a bit far but means that tomorrow is an easy (ha ha!!!) twenty one kilometers. We’ve been walking for nine days now. None of it has been easy.


My feelings on the Portuguese Camino

The first 300km of the French Camino is described as a physical challenge with the second section being a mental challenge. I would describe the first part of the Portuguese Camino as both a mental and a physical challenge.  Your body is becoming accustomed to daily walking with the added insult of carrying a heavy load. The road walking means having your wits about you at all times. The long stages (even though we’ve managed to split them into more manageable sections) take their toll and towards the end of the day you’re asking yourself why on earth you’re doing this.

But its worth it

But it’s worth it! Seeing parts of the country few get to experience. Chatting to locals. Learning the odd word of Portuguese and enjoying the local fare.



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