Aboriginal Tour in Sydney

An Authentic Aboriginal experience in Sydney

Many people visit Central Australia to learn about Indigenous Australia, but not everyone is able to travel that far. Kadoo Cultural Tours, right here in Sydney, offers a unique insight into Aboriginal Culture from a local indigenous guide. I jump at the opportunity to join a tour.

Kadoo Cultural Tours

Dressed in his official Kadoo shirt, Tim, arrives with a big smile. We chat while waiting for the rest of our small group. A local family and a couple of overseas visitors will be joining us.  One of twelve children, Tim was born in La Perouse. He learnt the ways of his people from his father and uncles and shares this knowledge to promote a better understanding of his culture.

Aboriginal Welcome

There is no word in the Aboriginal language for welcome and Tim welcomes us in the traditional way with a finger print of the wet clay on each of our foreheads. It is strangely cooling. He then proceeds to paint white stripes on his forehead, cheeks and arms. Wearing the ochre helps him to understand and connect with the land.

He holds a stick up in front of him and strikes it four times, each time in a different direction. In this way, Tim lets the four major clans of this area know that we are here and are entering their house.

Aboriginal Culture

After the traditional welcome, Tim tells stories of culture that have been handed down through his ancestors. He shows us ancient tools and explains their uses. As we walk a loop through Sydney Harbour National Park, once a Military Base, we learn about bush tucker, about totems and how the whales are important to him and his people.

Tim has packs so much information and knowledge into a short ninety minutes and our group is the richer for the experience.

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I was a guest of Kadoo Tours.

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