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A Soviet Spa Town: Tskaltubo

The Spa Town of Tskaltubo, not far from Kutaisi was a place for rest and relaxation during Soviet times. Here people took advantage of the healing natural spring waters in the more than 20 spa resorts which housed, treated and … Read the rest

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Amman: As Seen Through my Window

Downtown Amman is a surprise. ‘Downtown’ to me means a commercial and retail hub with modern buildings and boutique stores. I soon discover that when a local mentions “Downtown Amman” or just “Downtown”, they’re referring to the Old Town.


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Pro-Ukraine Sentiment in Georgia

Pro-Ukraineand by inference anti-Russia – sentiment in Georgia soon becomes obvious when walking the streets of the capital, Tbilisi. The signs are everywhere. In the graffiti sprayed on any available wall, in the yellow and blue flags hanging … Read the rest

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The Burrawa Bridge Climb

The Burrawa Bridge Climb isn’t your usual Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. On the Burrawa Bridge Climb, an indigenous guide takes guests through pre-colonial history to the present day. In my mind it’s “two for one”- a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb … Read the rest