Vila Cha – Rio Alto 22km

No Decisions to Make

The advantage of having one set of clothes for walking and one for night time is that there is no daily decision making on what to wear. The disadvantage is putting on damp clothes when your quick dry gear doesn’t dry!
Sometimes the early morning routine seems like getting ready to go to work. Today however as we walked along the boardwalk in the early morning light with no other sound than the waves crashing on the shore it felt as if we were on holiday.

Portuguese Camino Coastal Route

Scene walking along the Coast

Change of Plans

At the Tourist Information Centre (in a beautiful old house) we discovered that 22km would get us to a campground. Our destination for the night changed. This of course is only possible because we are carrying our packs and have not pre-booked accommodation.

Tourist Information Centre Portugal

Tourist Information Centre

Reminders of Home

The bigger centres reminded us of the Gold Coast. Lovely beaches,  high rise apartments and lots of people out and about walking (often with a dog on or off lead), running or cycling along the ‘esplanade’. The dogs now are definitely pets as opposed to being tied or locked up and kept for security.

Summer has Ended

Today is the 30th September – the last day of summer. Two weeks ago, before school went back,  the beaches would have been full. Now only a few people fossick for bait or other marine treasures. The little cabins on the beaches have mostly been dismantled and many of the beachside cafés are closed or closing.

Portuguese Camino Coastal Route

Scene walking along the coastline

We passed a beautiful tile wall explaining the story of the town. One section depicted the launching of a fishing boat in a manner not dissimilar from what we saw last night. Waxed boards placed at intervals under the boat which was pushed into the water by three men.

Portuguese Camino Coastal Route

Tiled history of the area

Portuguese Camino Coastal Route

Reading the history

Agriculture is Strong

And then more road walking past small plots of onions, carrots,  leeks and cabbages. The local football team’s emblem reflects the nature of the local agriculture.

Agucadoura Futebol Clube

Football Club in Rural Portugal

My Favourite Bed on the Portuguese Camino

Tonight we’re in a bungalow in a campground. €12 gets us two rooms,  a bed with a plastic mattress and a table and chairs. Bathroom as per all campgrounds-some distance away.
Tonight we may finally get to use our head torches! The campground is also slowing down. Tonight is the last night that the bar and restaurant are open. Good timing as we have no food and shops are miles away.

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