Tiles on the Portuguese Camino

Vigo to Arcade 23km

Walking out of Vigo

We slept in and took advantage of the hotel breakfast. A toasted sandwich never tasted so good. Sampling the fruit we were given yesterday was a nice surprise. The size and shape of a Kiwi fruit (we’ve seen lots growing here) it has a thick green skin not unlike an unripe avocado. Biting into the juicy flesh we were surprised by the delicious sweetness with a hint of guava. Very moreish.

Fruit on the Portuguese Camino

Whatever this fruit is, it’s delicious

There’s no need for a map now that yellow arrows abound. As do helpful people if you happen to miss an arrow. Pilgrims are less of a novelty.

Yellow arrows of the Camino de Santiago

Yellow arrow

A pleasant walk through woodlands of oak and chestnuts rewarded us with lovely views of Vigo Harbour. There was a cruise ship in town.

Vigo Harbour

Vigo Harbour

Cutting Granite

Many houses and their fences are built from large granite blocks. We passed a factory where blocks the size of small cars were being cut and shaped.

Vigo House

Concrete house

And a large retaining wall being built.

Road repairs in Vigo

Playing with blocks

Little Surprises along the route

Clever rock art,

Rock art on the Portuguese Camino

Clever rock art

And a bright spot in the day.



Walking with wet feet for the past couple of days softened the skin on our feet meaning the purchase of additional supplies of compeed. Our trusty New Zealand hikers wool will just last the next four days.

Fellow Pilgrims

While eating a delicious Menu del dia (mussels, fish, croquettes and chicken) numerous pilgrims trudged past. More than we’ve seen in the last week put together.  We’ve joined the path more commonly taken from Porto.

Camino Shells

Camino Shells

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