The Riverboat Postman

The Riverboat Postman: delivering mail on the Hawkesbury River

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Living on Dangar Island, I often see The Riverboat Postman passing my home. It delivers my mail. Today I’m going for a ride on The Riverboat Postman as a guest to experience this fabulous three-and-a-bit-hour cruise, which delivers mail to properties that are only accessible by boat. Now operated by the family run Hawkesbury River Cruises, The Riverboat Postman began the mail run in 1910.

A slick operation

It is obvious that The Riverboat Postman is a very slick operation. Natalie secures the lines. Luke steps off to get the parcels and mail, while Angela holds the ramp in place as we step on board. As Luke later tells me “it works like clockwork”!

Morning Tea

The tables and chairs are set up inside for morning tea (which together with a delicious ploughman’s lunch is included in the ticket price). The deckhands serve morning tea as soon as we are underway.  The Captain provides an interesting commentary on local history and river tales.

First stop is Dangar Island Wharf. The island is home to over 200 permanent residents who collect their sorted mail from their mail boxes at the Café. We then cruise under the metal arches of the railway bridge. Next, we pull in to Kangaroo Point where late passengers wait.

Milson Island

As we pass dense bushland I look hopefully for Sea Eagles soaring on the air currents, but they are not around today. The slight rain deepens the colours of the beautiful weathered sandstone.

I learn that Milson Island was the site for research into biological control of rabbits. Later it became a minimum-security prison. Opposite Milson Island is the rusting wreck of HMAS Parramatta.

River Settlements

We pass the river settlements of Bar Point, Marlow Creek and Milson’s Passage. I wonder who chooses to live in such isolation. An early sandstone cottage, and an oyster farmers home catch my eye. Some need a bit of TLC while others seem recently renovated

A Great Day Out

A trip on The Riverboat Postman is a great way for both Sydney visitors and locals to experience a seldom visited part of Sydney.

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  1. With emails, text messages and soon drones delivering packages one wonders how long such services will be in existence. I hope that the Riverboat Postman on the Hawkesbury River continues forever and definitely until our next visit to Australia.

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