The Camino Spirit

Day 36 Portomarin to Palas del Rei

29 May 2014

Melting Pot of Nationalities

The Camino is a real melting pot of nationalities. Here the Belgian (in yellow) is helping the Italian who has a problem with his bike. They are communicating in broken English. So often we find groups of people having great conversation in a common language which is not the first language of anyone.

Our long day today was made shorter by meeting up with a couple from South Africa.  They have retired to Natal and the last 8km of a 25km day just flew by.

Biking the Camino de Santiago

Helping Each Other


View of a Bridge on the Camino de Santiago

View of the Bridge

Dogs on the Camino

I’ve been asked about dogs on the Camino. Most of the local dogs have a rather tough life. Many are tied to a 3-4 meter rope and left alone all day. Others are locked in yards ostensibly to guard the yard. I don’t think they ever have human company. They all look pretty miserable. Those we have seen that are pets seen much happier. Stray cats are everywhere.

Cat on the French Camino

Cheeky Cat

We have met three or four dogs doing the Camino. One was walking with a couple who were doing a few stages but in reverse. They said that they either have to camp or seek out Albergues that allow dogs in which case they have to have a private room.

Our neighbour in that awful hotel in Leon had a small dog in her room. We met a man coming back from Santiago with his large Ridgeback type dog. He had not realized that he could not take the dog on the train so he was walking back!

Dog on the Camino de Santiago

Dog and Owner

And then there was the English couple with their Jack Russell. Because of the accommodation problem with a dog, they hired a camper van. She dropped her husband off on the track and drove to the next stop. She then walked back with the dog to meet him and walk back to the van with him.

Hunting Mice

Hunting Mice

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