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Day 18 Fromista to Carrion de los Condes

12 May 2014

Colour on the Camino


The Side Route Paid Off

Yesterday we had a lovely walk along a river.  Shade, birdsong, wildflowers and even frogs letting us know they were there. We were fortunate as we took the more pleasant if longer alternative route. Most trudged on a shadeless path in full sun alongside a relatively busy road.

Lavender on the Camino


Keeping Boredom at Bay

Today was another day on the meseta. And not half as interesting as yesterday. A long straight walk on an old Roman road. At first I kept myself amused by looking out for the birds or cornflowers amongst the crops.

I got excited on discovering French Lavender on the road side (we have previously found wild dill and rosemary). But then it became a drudge.  The same old fields broken by a tree here and there and so many people behind and in front of us all wishing for a break from the boredom.

Camino Markers

The Way is Clear

Where to go When You Have to Go

I decided it was time to address a practical issue of the Camino. Especially as on the long straight path we regularly noticed people ducking off or coming back from behind a tree in front of us. Yes, you got it in one.

Finding a toilet is no easy matter. If you can wait til the next village then well and good-if the village has a bar and if the bar is open.  Neither of which is guaranteed! Then you will need your own paper just in case. As some peregrinos take extra paper for future use many bars don’t provide it.

And then there is the light. You must take note of where the light switch is as often it’s on a timer and goes off leaving you in total darkness.

Snails on the Camino

A snail

If you can’t wait for the next village then you’re on the look out for a suitable bush or tree….far enough away from the person behind you. I am lucky to have a look out (Bronek) -others take their chances and anyone passing by discretely looks the other way.

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