Såo Joao de Madeira to Grijo 20km

Almost a Wrong Turn

Our thoughts were on breakfast,  so as we made our way to the panaderia/pasteleria ahead of us, we completely missed the big yellow cross at the base of a pole. This could have been disastrous, but fortunately help was at hand.

Yellow arrows of Camino

Don’t go this way

After a lovely ham and cheese seed roll (it’s taken a while to realise that we can ask for one to be made up specially) with coffee and fresh orange juice,  we left the shop and turned left. Fortunately Nick was there, carefully reading his guide book and set us right before we went the wrong way.

Portuguese Tiles

As seen in a bakery

The Strong Start usually doesn’t last

I’m quite chatty as we start off each morning and take lots of photographs. As the day wears on,  conversation diminishes as do the photographs.

Misty morning on Portuguese Camino

I won a accolade for this photo

The Wrong side of the Road

My mind often wanders. I remember seeing a video where a man took months to train himself to ride a bicycle which went left when he turned the handlebars right and vice versa. And then he couldn’t ride a normal bike. We are used to driving on the left hand side of the road. Here they drive on the right, which means we have to relearn and really concentrate when crisscrossing the roads as we do many times a day. Intersections and roundabouts are particularly hazardous. After two weeks on the road we still get it wrong!

Pilgrim greeting

Always a wave for us pilgrims

Recently we’ve noticed proteas, bottle brushes and a number of Australian plants. I wish ours would grow as well as they do here!

Proteas in Portugal

Proteas in Portugal

More Proteas of Portugal

More Proteas of Portugal

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