Santa Domingo de Calzada

Day 11 Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada

3 May 2014

Not Quite What We Expected

I’ve always wanted to stay in a Parador (usually a converted monastery) but they are really expensive. … some as much as $600/ night. When the only accommodation avaliable was in the new Parador here in Santa Domingo de Calzada and I was told on booking that the price was €30 I thought it sounded cheap but hey… as a new addition to the Parador chain maybe they need the business.

As we walked towards this beautiful hotel naive me thought we had hit the jackpot. .. Well we did. …on the phone I didn’t hear the first part of the price. ..€130…. So we’re enjoying a bit of luxury tonight.

Paradors on the French Camino

Not what we were expecting

Food on the French Camino

We had great tapas last night. I am experimenting with new things. For lunch I managed to avoid the jamon and queso boccadillo (ham and cheese baguette) by asking for soup which was not on the menu. I ended up with a tasty menestra (local veggie soup).

Food on the French Camino

Menestra (veggie soup)

Helping by Listening

We walked the last 5kms or so with Christina from Washington.  She was having a bad day. Her walking poles were stolen from where she stayed last night, her hat disintegrated and  she is finding the walk hard and not fulfilling. So after a hug we slowed our pace to hers to keep her company.

I am not sure she will go much further. We on the other hand are feeling good. Our pace has increased and today at least we did well. We’re learning not to assume that things will remain good and take each day as it comes.

Pilgrim Memorial on the French Camino

Pilgrim Memorial

Not all Pilgrims Reach Santiago

We’ve come across a few crosses marking the place where some unfortunate peregrino has ended their Camino. I’ve heard about an Irishman who after only a few kms on the first day felt breathless and pain. He ended up returning to St Jean and the next day had a stent put in. He is now home resting.

Sue from Perth stopped in Pamplona after an old Achilles injury returned. So we no longer expect that we will make it to Santiago….it all depends on our health.

Medieval Fiesta

Medieval Fiesta

Medieval Fiesta

Sorry for going on a bit. (the Parador has good wifi) This man was part of a Medieval fiesta and yes I did stroke the python. me the heebies just thinking about it now.

Rainbow on the French Camino

Walking to the end of the Rainbow

Til next time. … Next post: Noticing the Little Things



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