Caminho de Fatima

Sacavem – Verdelha de Baixo 17.8km

September 11, 2015

Things get Complicated

Getting the train to where we left off yesterday proved to be quite simple. And then things became complicated. The guide book warned us to take care finding the right path. Unfortunately the guide book didn’t know about the road works. With a little local help we found a narrow path between temporary construction fences. This time there was a pink arrow in addition to the yellow and blue ones we’ve been following.Confusing signs on the Camino de Santiago

Gun Shots

Apart from disturbing an owl and passing a few horses and sheep, the path was rather uninteresting. And then a shot rang out. I hoped that our heads, poking out above the reeds, were not about to provide someone with target practice!

Coffee Break

The slight detour to Granga rewarded us with a much needed coffee and late breakfast and gave us insight into local life.

Portuguese Camino

Sugar Sachets

“These cute sugar sachets almost had me taking sugar again! “

Granga has two teams that regularly compete in homing pigeon racing.

Portuguese Camino

Homing Pigeons

“Homing pigeon aviary”

Difficult Walking

There were a few hairy moments walking along roads with no foot paths.
Another hot day with little relief from the sun.

Camino Portuguese

No Shade

Consulting the guide book, we realised that the room we had booked was about 4km behind us! Something had gone awry! What was to be 12km turned into about 18km and we will sleep further along the route.

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