Mudgee Clock Tower

There’s more to Mudgee than Wine and Food

“I’m from Mudgee not Mosman” explains the bumper sticker on a dirty ute. The driver sees me chuckling and smiles. Mudgee is in farming country. Wine country to be exact, but there’s more to the town than great wine and good food.

Walk through the CBD

Walk through Mudgee’s CBD to discover beautifully restored historic buildings. Be drawn to the delightful art deco detail of the Regent Theatre, the pressed metal lining shop awnings and original leadlight windows in shopfronts along Church Street.

Mudgee Regent Theatre
Art Deco Detail
Original Features of Historic Buildings in Mudgee
Now a Restaurant

Wander down side streets. Gladstone Street offers pretty brick Federation cottages. A kookaburra sculpted from old metal objects makes a feature of a garden gate. Chat to the artist, Peter Brooks, if he’s sitting on the sidewalk taking in the sun.

Mudgee Railway Station

Stroll to the old Railway Station with its delightful architecture. In a side room, browse local arts and crafts and read more about the station history in an alcove in the store.  

Gate made from Found objects by artist Peter Brooks in Mudgee
Peter Brook’s Gate
Mudgee Railway Station
Railway Station Platform

A Sculpture Walk

Lawson Park is the home of the Mudgee Sculpture walk. Amble along the riverbank to come across various sculptures of different styles and materials. Make sure to find the large metal kangaroo at rest entitled “Jack Thompson (Cleo Centrefold circa 1973)”.

Mudgee Sculpture Walk
“Jack Thompson” by Matt Hill
Mudgee Sculpture Walk
“Middle Aged Dance” by Ingrid Morley

Robertson Park

Originally Mudgee’s marketplace, Robertson Park continues that tradition with the Mudgee Farmers Market held there every third Saturday morning.  Whether or not your visit coincides with the market, take a stroll through the park to enjoy the gardens, visit the war memorial and the band rotunda which was built in 1903.

As seen on the Mudgee CBD walk
Band Rotunda Robertson Park

On the Outskirts of Mudgee

Even non-wine drinkers will enjoy a drive out of town. On the way, turn into High Valley Cheese to taste their traditionally hand-crafted cheeses. Savour the strong smokey flavor of the smoked cheddar, enjoy the creamy Caelifilla, and take home a jar or two of fetta marinated in different flavours (pesto, chilli, tomato and olive).

Motorcycle Museum

A collection of vintage motorcycles lines the wall of a large corrugated iron shed at the Robert Stein Winery Motorcycle Museum. There’s a Triumph Thunderbird and an early version of a French motorised pushbike. The walls are covered in car registration plates grouped according to state of origin. Vintage tins of motor oil provide further interest as does a small glass cabinet displaying war memorabilia. 

Robert Stein Winery Motorcycle Museum
Vintage Motorcycles
Registration Plates from all over the world and Old Oil Cans for collectors
Old Signs and Oil Cans

A Micro Distillery

For a wine alternative, Baker Williams Micro Distillery offers cellar door tastings for a small fee. Try their gin, orancello, coffee and lemon myrtle liqueurs or a butterscotch schnapps.

Baker Williams Micro Distillery
Fresh Air and Countryside

Mudgee Observatory

Look out for kangaroos on the drive out to the Mudgee Observatory on the Old Grattai Road. Watch as John Vetter, who has over 45 years of astronomy experience, wheels a large telescope into position in one of his four telescope domes. Wait while he makes a few adjustments, then step inside to look through the eyepiece, fine-tune the setting and be wowed by Saturn’s rings and other marvels in the night sky.

Visit the Mudgee Observatory with its four telescope domes
Mudgee Observatory Display Room

A Miniature Railway and Honey

Perfect for little ones, the Miniature Railway runs on the second Sunday of every month. Sit astride the purpose-built carriage and be pulled along the 500m track by a miniature engine operated by a miniature rail enthusiast.  

A glass viewing window provides a look inside a bee hive at Mudgee Honey Haven. Watch hundreds of bees hard at work making honey for your toast. Discover at a wide selection of honey, honey products a café and not at all honey related, an 18-hole Putt Putt course.

The Drip

Forty-five minutes by car from Mudgee brings you to “the Drip parking area”. From there a the three kilometre return walk leads to a fascinating geological structure. The Drip is a long and high sandstone rock face towers above with water dripping from cracks into the stream below. Look out for wild flowers, listen to the frogs croaking with the stream bubbling in the background.

Back in Town

Back in town, there are many places to eat. The Butchery Café is an interesting spot if only for the décor. Roth’s Wine Bar makes delicious thin crust pizzas with fresh salads.

Visit the Butchery Cafe for its interesting decor
Butchery Cafe Decor
Thin Crust Pizza from Roth's Wine Bar in Mudgee
Inside Roth’s Wine Bar

By all means enjoy the bountiful wine and food available in Mudgee. But do yourself a favour and explore the less beaten track to find the hidden treasures Mudgee has to offer.

St Mary of the Presentation Catholic Church in Mudgee
The Catholic Church

Enjoyed discovering Mudgee? Then you’ll probably enjoy reading about nearby Sofala here and Hill End here.

Useful Information

  • A map of the Mudgee CBD walk can be found in the front of the Mudgee Region magazine available from the Visitors Centre.
  • Meet at the clock tower for a Heritage tour which runs every day from 10-11am
  • Find a map of the Mudgee Sculpture Walk here
  • Find more on the Vintage Motorcycle Museum here
  • Here is the link to Baker Williams Distillery
  • The Mudgee Observatory only accepts cash.  Phone or email for bookings
  • Mudgee Honey Haven is at 2 Hill End Road Mudgee
  • More on The Drip can be found here


  1. Another lovely look at a different part of Australia .
    A difficult year but have still enjoyed your travels.
    Have a happy Christmas and New Year

    1. Author

      Thank you, Caroline. It’s good to hear that you’ve enjoyed my travels. Best wishes for Christmas and 2021.

  2. Well done Jo
    I love how you always find these little hidden gems wherever you go – keep up the good work!

  3. I always love the little things you observe – like the number plate and the kookaburra gate – but please Jo, we sit/walk on footpaths! Who wants to be American nowadays anyway?

    Thank you for another year of looking back as well as around.


    1. Author

      Point taken, June. I struggled with the term nature strip when we came to Australia. I knew that part of the street as a pavement – whether it was paved or not. The little things for me are the most interesting, and are often missed.

  4. I’ve always wanted to visit Mudgee. Great to read about it. The old architecture is lovely. Look forward to reading your blog in 2021.

    1. Author

      Thanks Erica. I feel I know the town quite well now, but there’s still more of Mudgee to discover.

  5. Great overview of Mudgee, it’s a great part of NSW . The drive from Sydney is beautiful too especially Capertee valley views.
    Thank you Joanne for sharing your experience.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Arlene. We live on the Hawkesbury and drove via Kulnura and Denman. Also a lovely drive. Returned via Hill End, Sofala, Rylstone and Lithgow so got the best of both worlds.

  6. We stayed in Gulgong for a few days recently, after driving from Bathurst via Sofala and Hill End. We had a few hours in Mudgee, and you have given us some good reasons to return. Robertson Park is named after one of my heroes, John Robertson, the premier of NSW responsible, more than anyone else, for 19th century land reform.

    1. Author

      Hi Rick, and thanks for that info about John Robertson. We may have just missed each other. My post on Hill End is coming soon and then a comprehensive one on Gulgong which is still to be written.

  7. Lovely narrative Jo, you saw much more than I did in Mudgee. I feel like going back and seeing it again. Great photos too once again. You do have a great eye. Love the ute bumper sticker!

    1. Author

      Thanks Loretta. Yes, Mudgee is so close to Sydney that it’s easy to return to.

  8. We’ll be visiting Mudgee in January 2020. This has given us plenty of “food for thought”

  9. Great read Joanne, I must get over there some day, it has been more than 30 years. Will definitely be referring to this article.

    1. Author

      Thanks Seana. I think you’ll enjoy your time in Mudgee when you get there.

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