On the Camino de Santiago from Lisbon

Mougas to La Ramallosa 19km

Wet Boots

Wearing freshly laundered (again at no cost) clothes, I put off pulling on my still soaking wet boots until I could procrastinate no longer. We let ourselves out of the hotel at 8:00am. My feet didn’t stay dry for long.

Wet on the Coastal route of the Portuguese Camino

A happy drowned rat

Atrocious Weather

Soon we were squelching along the bicycle track having decided that was the safest way to walk in the atrocious weather. At least when the wind almost blew me over I had a fence to lean against. We were lucky. The wind was again behind us and the kilometers blew (!) by.

I made the most of the few no wind no rain opportunities to take photos. A little colour on a grey day.

Colour on the Portuguese Camino Coastal Route

Colour amongst the grey skies and seas

And a reminder of the connection to the sea.

Fishing references on the Coastal Route of the Portuguese Camino


There were occasional glimpses of blue.

Blue Skies

A flash of Blue

Wet Through

But after being dried by the wind it was just a matter of time before we were drenched again.

In Baiona we met up with the English chaps again. They’re going home and will return next year to finish their Camino.

Englishmen on the Portuguese Camino

Those Englishmen

An old Roman bridge brought us to our destination.

Roman Bridge in La Ramallosa

Roman Bridge in La Ramallosa

Curious Locals

Pilgrims are still a curiosity on this route. Often when walking through the villages in Portugal I had the feeling of being watched. Nothing sinister – just people watching from behind their curtains. Or when I looked up, there staring out from a window was a woman or occasionally a man. We exchanged smiles and greetings.

On another note,  I’m still hoping that the press photographer who took our photo in Esponsende will email it to me. He said it was for a local publication.

A time for Reflection

We have just under a week until we reach Santiago. What a rich experience. A time for self reflection and growth, yet very different from the Camino Frances.

Stone shell of Camino

Stone Shell Guides us

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