More Rain

Day 3 Burguete to Larrasoana

Head Torches

Leaving before sunrise meant using our head torches. The pleasant yellow glow of the street lamps contrasted with the icy wind which drove the light rain into our faces. It did warm up slightly as the day wore on  but we walked in drizzle most of the day.At least my socks stayed sort of dry.

Drenched on the French Camino


Beautiful Countryside

The physical discomfort was more than made up for by the pleasure of walking through rolling green fields with the sights, sounds and smells of farming all around. Young foals. Cow bells. Birds twittering in the newly budding forests and a lovely variety of wild flowers.

A Challenging Day

It was a hard walk with the long, steep and slippery descent into Zubiri taking it’s toll on our knees. At the pub later most peregrinos were complaining of some ache or another.

Bridges on the French Camino

One of many beautiful bridges

The Next Day on the French Camino

26 April: Pleasant walk under overcast sky. Watched trout fisherman pull in a small catch. He promptly put it in his pocket for safekeeping.

Trout fishing on the French Camino

Caught a Trout

Graffiti and Unpleasant Local

As you know I am interested in unusual graffiti. I got into trouble photographing this peregrino paste up. The owner of the bar where it had been put up told me that it was a bar and not for taking photos ‘como su pais’.’like in your country’. Then she turned away before I could respond.

Pilgrims not welcome here

Pilgrims not welcome here

Coffee and pintxos

Great Coffee and Pintxos here

Stopped in this village for great coffee and pintxos.

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