Camino Signs

Lisbon-Sacavem 13.3km

Lisbon to Sacavem

On arrival at Lisbon airport the immediate challenge was getting to our hotel. After seeing the taxi queue we decided to take the metro. Big mistake!  We finally hauled our luggage up the three flights of stairs to reception four hours after landing.


Yesterday we discovered Lisbon on foot, got our ‘Camino Credencials’ which we’ll get stamped along the way and found the starting point for our journey.

Lisbon to Sacavem

Our first arrow

We also mailed the two bags that we’ll need in Spain to Ivar in Santiago. The woman in the post office didn’t bat an eyelid. She had obviously done this before. I think €20 for 15kg is pretty reasonable. And I’ve already been advised that at least one of the bags has arrived!

Lisbon to Sacavem

Beauty in the streets

Lisbon to Sacavem

Street art in Lisbon

“Not all graffiti is ugly!”

Today we walked 12 km without our packs. A way to ease into daily walking.
Thank goodness for great markings along the route. Without them we’d still be wandering the streets of Lisbon! Some were easier to find than others.

Lisbon to Sacavem

Keeping a lookout for arrows

Street walking out of Lisbon

Where’s the arrow

The sun and often narrow footpaths meant that we crossed back and forth in search of shade or a safer place to walk. The ‘Tile museum provided a welcome break as did a picnic lunch by a fountain.

Museo de Azulejos

Museo de Azulejos

We returned to our hotel by train. Seeing that the station was unmanned and we couldn’t work out the ticket system we inadvertently traveled free! Tomorrow we don our packs and leave Lisbon for good, starting where we left off today. It’s hotter than expected and we’ll need lots of water.

Next post: Sacavem to Verdelha de Baixo




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