It’s not snow

Day 25 Villavante to Hospital de Orbiga

Day 26 Hospital de Orbiga to Astorga

19 May 2014

Plane Trees

The fluff from the plane trees has been in the air for two weeks now.  It has gradually been getting thicker -so you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was snow instead of a carpet of fluff.  (Been thinking of you Jenny, after your experience in Logroño.)

Plane trees shedding

It’s not snow

Twenty One Kilometers in Sandals

I walked the 21km in sandals today to give my heel a chance to breathe. All good. As we walked over the hill to a second village we were greeted by lovely music which we then realized was being broadcast from the church bell tower.  The call to mass was a pleasant way to get us peregrinos walking faster into town.

Street scene in Astorga

Street Scene in Astorga

Plaza Mayor in Astorga

Plaza Mayor in Astorga on a Sunday is a lovely place to people watch. As we ate our peregrino meal we were treated to music and dance.

Sunday Afternoon in Astorga

Happy Sunday Afternoons

Street Scene in Astorga

Street Scene in Astorga

Families were out meeting and greeting and the beautifully dressed little ones were enjoying themselves running around the square.

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