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Day 29 El Acebo to Ponferrada

Day 30 Ponferrada to Villafranca del Bierzo

23 May 2014

Rain Rain and Rain

After more than four weeks with no rain, yesterday we set off in our rain gear with beanies and gloves. The latter were soon dispensed with as we warmed up but the slow drizzle continued for most of the day.


It was another day of reminiscing as we rediscovered places we passed through two years ago. ‘That’s where I took that photo’ and ‘this is where that woman had a rabbit in her basket’ and ‘remember those suspicious young men who seemed to be casing the joint’.

Pilgrim on the Camino

One of many Pilgrims

A Special Lunch

We went looking for soup for lunch. Five bars later we were referred to aTaberna around the corner. While soup was not on the menu, lentil soup was available which I promptly ordered. After a while, a sample was brought for me to try. ‘Does it need more salt?’ I was asked. It was delicious and certainly something I will try to copy for a Friday night at the boatshed.

Lunch on the Camino

Feeding the hungry man

Wet and Miserable

Today was more wet and miserable than yesterday-at least in the beginning. It was a case of head down and one foot in front of the other. With our hoods on we could only see the ground in front of us. The peregrinos with rain covers on their backpacks looked like turtles. As we get closer to Santiago there are more and more joining the Camino.

Rain on the Camino de Santiago

Walking through puddles

It was hazardous to try to look around – when  I did, I almost stepped into a 4 inch deep puddle and drenched my feet that til then had stayed dry. One positive is the realization that we are much fitter than before. We managed the first 12kms without drawing breath.

First Pulpo

We stopped for coffee and as we are entering the pulpo (octopus) region I decided to have pulpo tapa.

First Pulpo on the Camino

First Pulpo

I think I’ll stick to lentil soup!

The constant heavy drizzle eased off encouraging a slower pace to look around and enjoy our surroundings.

Turtles on the Camino

Turtles on the Camino

Taking the Road less Traveled

We met up with a Slovenian woman who lives in Sydney. Ivanna walked with us on the less popular farm route-we were told by more than one local that we were going the wrong way and had to explain that we had chosen the more ‘tranquila’ route to avoid the main road.

The two of us

A rare one of the two of us

Most photographed house on the Camino

Probably the most photographed house on the Camino

I can’t believe that I have walked over 600km and that we only have ten days to go to Santiago. I am glad we’re going slower than most. We can appreciate it so much more.

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