Hot air balloon ride in Jaipur

My First Hot Air Balloon Ride in Jaipur, India

It’s dark outside as we drive through the quiet Jaipur streets in the early morning. There’s none of the usual loud beeping horns and colourful bustle that fills the city during the day. I’m excited and a little anxious as we make our way to my first and much anticipated hot air balloon ride.

Hot air ballooning in Jaipur - preparing for take off
Preparing the Balloon for Launching

Waiting at the launch site a team of young men stand beside a table set with a welcome thermos of Chai and sweet biscuits. As we savour the sweet tea, the crew get to work spreading the balloon out on the dusty ground and preparing the basket.

The black sky begins to lighten and the thin warm glow along the horizon gradually grows, changing from red to various shades of orange.

Launching the Hot Air Balloon

Francisco, our pilot is a Spaniard from Madrid. He starts to inflate the balloon with cool air from a large noisy fan. Then he lights the burners and a roaring sound interrupts the morning stillness.

Hot air balloon Pilot

We draw closer to the warm glow of the flame. Hot air pours into the balloon which slowly starts to billow and rise above us. My heart rate quickens as I climb into the basket using small holes woven into the wicker basket wall.

Francisco runs through the safety instructions and then the crew release the basket. The balloon slowly and quietly rises into the pre-dawn sky. We float silently above the patchwork of fields as the sun begins to peak over the horizon.

Outside Jaipur in a hot air balloon
Rugged Indian Countryside

A little white chapel gleams against a background of low rugged hills in the distance, the rough rocky surface broken only occasionally by small green bushes.

Floating Silently above a Village

Cattle in a small enclosure skitter and scamper, frightened by the sound from the blast of hot air above them.

As the word spreads, villagers put aside their morning chores and run to the flat roofs of their homes to stare upwards. Some stand staring in awe at the green and yellow apparition floating above their heads, others wave. One young man films us using his mobile phone.

Indian Villagers outside Jaipur
Watching from their rooftop
Watching the Hot air balloon from their rooftops outside Jaipur
Looking up

Occasionally, Francisco releases a burst of hot air, the roar breaking the peace as we drift towards a little village. He allows the balloon to drop down, skimming tree tops and drifting silently above the awakening village.

Children race through the field laughing and jumping up trying to reach the basket as we smile and wave back.

Children try to touch the balloon basket
Laughing Children

Unexpectedly, a lump develops in my throat and a tear forms my eye. Here am I having an experience of a lifetime and a glimpse of Indian village life from the privileged position of a hot air balloon while only metres away villagers gaze up at me.

Landing all too soon

All too soon we leave the village, the balloon floating on the whim of the wind. Francisco searches for a suitable place to land and settles on a small pocket of ground not far from the village. He reminds us to hold on tightly, to brace and not to leave the basket until told to do so. 

The basket lands with a thud. A sudden gust of wind drags us along towards a row of trees. There’s a feeling of urgency among the crew. Francisco jumps out the basket gesticulating as he issues instructions to the crew. The balloon needs to be brought under control.

Collapsing the Hot air balloon
Trying to control the balloon
Rolling up the hot air balloon envelope
Getting the upper hand

Villagers gather around the landing site. Like us, they watch as the crew frantically grab at the billowing balloon pulling in the sail, squeezing out the air. Finally, we’re given the all clear and climb out the basket.

Watching the proceedings

I feel exhilarated. The memories of floating above a little Indian village will remain with me forever.

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  1. Such an incredible place to do a hot air balloon trip. I’ve not visited India- yet! I read about your Habitat for Humanity experience too. Such a worthwhile charity, and a great opportunity to give back to the ( world) community.

    1. Author

      Hi Erica, Without the Habitat for Humanity experience, I probably would still not have been to India. I feel so lucky to have gone when I did. India was just so full of colour, I couldn’t put my camera down. And the people were friendly and approachable.

  2. Wonderful and uplifting to read your blogs.
    You are certainly achieving lots of beautiful moments in your life.
    I only wish I was a little younger without a few health issues.
    Bit limited in my 73 year.
    Maybe you will come up with some new ideas ??
    Mary E

    1. Author

      Thank you Mary. I do consider myself very lucky to have done what I have. Yes, aging is difficult and restricting but fortunately reading can bring places to us. And yes, I have a few new ideas that you’ll read about soon.

  3. An exciting adventure and lovely pictures taken from the balloon. Thanks Jo.

  4. This sounds wonderful, an experience that is unique. What a special way to see the life of Indian villages.

    I have done a balloon ride once, near Sydney, what a treat it was, floating so serenely.

    1. Author

      It is a treat floating above the ground in silence broken only occasionally by the burst of hot air. I’m hooked.

  5. A ride in a ballon is still on my list of things to do. I enjoyed reading of your first time.

    1. Author

      Thanks Albert. I’m hooked. Did two very different fights in Myanmar earlier this year.

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