Ground Hog Day

Day 14 San Juan de Ortega to Burgos

7 may 2014

Our Longest Walking Day So Far

It’s the end of our longest day so far. 26km. Made even longer by the fact that a fast half hour in we realized we had not put the money into the envelope for the people who are transporting our one bag. Rather than take a chance we started walking back. As there was no phone signal we could not call them.

I asked a few peregrinos along the way if they had a signal but no. After about 15 minutes of retracing our steps someone suggested I reboot the phone. Finally a signal and conversation (no attempt at Spanish this time). They are so helpful and trusting. ‘Just pay when you get there’. We think we did 30 km.

On the French Camino

Bleak and windswept

This was taken before we turned back.


We spent most of the day chatting to Andreas from Munich. Interesting conversation about why people walk and what they get out of the Camino.

Three Stages of the Camino

The Camino is divided into three stages. The first third is supposedly physical.  The second mental and the third spiritual. Today we ended in Burgos. The first stage and almost 300km is over.

Abandoned on the French Camino

Once an impressive Church

Thoughts While Walking

I thought a bit about not wanting the walk to end, but of course everything comes to an end sometime. And as Bronek pointed out then there is a beginning of some sort.

So tomorrow we start the mental challenge of the meseta…a long straight path with little to break the scenery. Many people skip this section but we are in it for the long haul.


New Friends on entering Burgos

Our Spanish mates from Valencia

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