French Camino de Santiago

Friendly Locals

Day 4 Larrasoana to Cizur Menor

Day 5 Cizur Menor to Puente de la Reina

28 April 2014

Prevention is better than Cure

Yesterday the sheep’s wool came out. I felt my first hot spot and being the good girl that I am, we stopped so I could attend to my foot applying the wool as a preventive measure. It works a treat.

Blister on the French Camino

First sign of a blister

Friendly Cafe Staff

We left before breakfast this morning so took a detour to a panaderia for coffee and pastry. Unfortunately it was only opening in 10 min. But no. The friendly proprietor opened up early so we could get on our way.

Cizur Menor

Friendly Cafe Staff

Collecting Snails

We then met a couple collecting caracoles (snails). She told us they would take 15 days to clean and then would be ready to eat. …’delicioso’. I must try them.

Fellow Pilgrims

We estimated there were 300 pilgrims leaving St Jean the day we left. It’s amazing how you spread out and can go for ages without seeing anyone and then all bunch up again at a bar, lookout or town. We’re getting to know and meet other pilgrims along the way.

outside Pamplona

Wind Farm a way outside Pamplona

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