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There are a few free Sydney walking Apps available to follow for a walk around Sydney. I followed a couple to find out more about Sydney

Milson’s Point

I started off at Milsons Point Station and walked towards the water. Looking at the Harbour Bridge from underneath it, the structure is awesome. The route takes me past the iconic Luna Park face and the beautiful art deco arches framing North Sydney Pool. A flight of stairs leads me up to the bridge. As usual, it is a pleasant walk crossing the bridge on foot.

The Rocks

Once across the bridge, I descended the stairs and turned left down Cumberland Street, towards Dawes Point, which is a popular site for wedding photography. Now my route takes me to Hickson Road, and a walk along the waterfront.

The view of the Opera House from in front of the Park Hyatt is pretty special. From here I use the ‘Walk the Rocks App’, walking the ‘Waterfront Walk’ backwards from checkpoint 9, and learning about heritage buildings I’ve not noticed before.

Customs House

I pass the Museum of Contemporary Art to Circular Quay and cut through the station at Circular Quay to Customs House. I have never noticed the little dwarfs hidden in the foliage at the entrance to this magnificent building. Inside, the scale model of the city under a glass floor is well worth a look.

City and Sculpture Walk

The ‘City and Sculpture walk’ (Sydney Cultural Walks app) is pretty self-explanatory and I discover some new pieces. There’s the spiral of sandstone blocks collected from demolished historic landmarks. Past Government House is  “Folly for Mrs Macquarie”. There the bronze ‘ceiling’ depicts bones of native animals.

I leave the walking tour at the ‘Magnolia’ sculpture to walk past Mrs Macquarie’s chair to “Dual of nature” across from Garden Island.  Back in Macquarie St, I pick up the part of the culture walk I missed earlier. I can’t resist stroking the snout of “Little Pig” outside Sydney Hospital.

I walked all day today and only scratched the surface of Sydney.

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