The Tank Stream

Discovering the Sydney Tank Stream

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My life on the Hawkesbury River is quiet and relaxing, but I often yearn for a city break. I love to catch up with friends, eat good food and see a movie without having to cross the river in my tinny late at night to get home.

The Tank Stream Hotel

Today, as a guest of Sydney’s newest international hotel, The Tank Stream I am checking into the hotel for a “Stay and walk the Tank Stream” package.

I drop my bag and set out to meet my daughter for lunch in nearby Angel Place. This is what a city break is all about. The hotel is ideally located and many of Sydney’s sights and good restaurants are a short walk away.

Le Petit Flot

It is chilly outside and so, instead of venturing out for dinner and to see a movie at the nearby Dendy Cinema, I eat at the hotel restaurant, Le Petit Flot. My meal of beef cheeks and seasonal greens followed by a crème brulee is delicious. Later, tucked up in the comfy bed, I settle down to watch “A United Kingdom” which I missed when it was on the cinema circuit.

After a comfortable night’s sleep, and breakfasting on a freshly cooked omelette, I am ready to join the Go Local Tank Stream and Hidden Laneways tour.

The Tank Stream History

John, our guide, begins by describing the background to the colonial settlement and the relevance of the Tank Stream. He tells us that we are standing on the site of the original stream of fresh water. Now covered and built over, the stream once flowed from here to the harbour.  As the population increased, the fresh water stream soon became polluted and later effectively became a sewer.

Route of the Tank Stream

The tour meanders through lesser known laneways towards Circular Quay along the path of the Tank Stream. It is fun to be learning new facts about this wonderful city. We pass artefacts discovered in recent building developments. A narrow brass strip set into the pavement which indicates where the shoreline once was. Fountains en route have links to the tank stream.

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This tour is a fascinating look into early Sydney and I highly recommend it. You can read my full post that I wrote for another site here.

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  1. Joanne,

    Loved you Tank Stream hotel and tour review. You may have gathered I am especially interested in the Tank Stream from an historical perspective (though I wouldn’t turn down a stay in its namesake hotel LOL).
    Sydney Water run underground tours on an occasional basis with people selected by lottery. I’ve put my name down a few times now with no success to date 🙁

    Gotta love those little lane-ways around Angel Place too.

    1. Author

      Yes, I have read with interest what you have written about the Tank Stream. I believe it’s a really competitive ballot for the underground tour. One day….

  2. The Tank Stream was the lifeblood of the new colony at Sydney Cove as it was the only supply of freshwater in the vicinity. It was also an important natural resource for the Cadigal people before the English arrived. In fact, recent excavations at Martin Place and Angel Place have unearthed a large number of Indigenous artefacts and remains on the banks of the waterway

    1. Author

      Yes, Luke. Water from the Tank Stream was essential for the new colony and of course for the local indigenous people. Interesting about the recent discovery of artefacts. Thanks. Joanne

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