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Day 6 Puente de la Reina to Estella

Day 7 Estella to Los Arcos

1 May 2014

Over a Week of Walking

We have now walked for 8 days -an average of 20km each day. We are both good but have rather tired muscles and feet at the end of the day. We’re passing through ancient villages and rolling fields. It is just fabulous being so close to nature.

Walking through Villages on the French Camino

Walking through Villages

Our Routine

We have settled into a routine. Wake at 6 (this morning to a cock crowing), pack our limited possessions and have a quick breakfast at a local bar or panaderia (bakery). Then it is about 5hrs walk depending on how many stops we have.

We find our accommodation which I have booked the night before -using my passable Spanish (although there is a bit of pressure on rooms now because of fiestas and we are now booking a few days ahead). I also arrange the transportation of our one bag.  Shower, washing and perhaps a nap follow. Then it’s a bit of a look around and a menu del dia  – pilgrims menu of three courses with wine for 11-15 EU –  hopefully at 7pm but often later as our timetable is not the same as the Spaniards).

Beautiful Light on the French Camino

Beautiful Light

Beautiful Light

This morning the sun was mostly behind the clouds but intermittently broke through highlighting first one village and then another. Note the peregrinos ahead on the road.

Little Details

A Pilgrim's Toilet

A Peregrino’s Toilet

We enjoyed watching this perro (dog) successfully chasing mice in the field.

Dogs on the French Camino

Chasing and Catching Mice

Not really missing you but love the fact that we are in your thoughts.

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