Cernache – Fornos 20.8km

A special treat in Cernache

We are walking from Cernache to Fornos today. But first let me tell you what happened yesterday. After settling into our room, I took a walk through the village. There was obviously something happening. Little girls in traditional dress and women rushing here and there looking very focused. It turns out that last week’s parade for Såo Lourenço was postponed to yesterday due to rain. We were lucky to be there.

Fiesta time in Cernache

Fiesta time in Cernache

Starting off in thick fog

This morning the thick fog hung around obscuring any views across the valley. But beauty wasn’t far away with tiny water droplets hanging off delicate spider webs.

Dew drops on spider web

Dew drops on spider web

We planned to walk 12km today. That would give us time for sightseeing in the historic town of Coimbra.

Roman Wall on Portuguese Camino

This old Roman Wall was cut in half to make way for a road

Sore feet means a change of plan

But after three hours my feet were punishing me and the thought of a seven hour day tomorrow filled me with dread. Another seven or so kms would reducing tomorrow’s distance. While we rested in Coimbra over coffee and pastries two men approached us for spare change. A police officer patrolled the square and groups of tourists filed through. We were happy to move on.

Abandoned home on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago

Seemingly abandoned

Lucky find

Luckily the Casa Rural (the only accommodation in the next stage – and not the one pictured above! ) had a room. Not sure what we’d have done if they were full!

We’ve been interested to see that some of the homes have serious security.

Security on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago

Do NOT Enter

Perhaps partly explained when you see the wiring left behind after outside lamps have been stolen.

After a shower, doing the washing and the all important beer, it’s time for my nanna nap!

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