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Pontecesures to Santiago 27km

One Long Day instead of Two Shorter Ones

We walked from Pontecesures to Santiago, arriving a day earlier than expected.

Queuing for our Compostela

I write this as we stand in the queue to get our compostelas.

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Santiago contd…..

I interrupted my tale yesterday when we were finally called to the counter to get our compostelas and the certificates showing that we walked from Lisbon to Santiago. And I can promise we walked every step of

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To finish off in Santiago

Now that we’ve finished our Camino, I don’t intend to bore you with too many posts, but I’ve decided to continue my blog as a record of our trip. To this end there are a few things

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On top of the world

25th April 2014

Day 2. The Virgin to Burguete

What a Difference a Day Makes

The taxi driver taking us back to where we stopped walking yesterday gave us a minute to photograph
a spectacular scene. While yesterday was sunny

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More Rain

Day 3 Burguete to Larrasoana

Head Torches

Leaving before sunrise meant using our head torches. The pleasant yellow glow of the street lamps contrasted with the icy wind which drove the light rain into our faces. It did warm up … Read the rest

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Friendly Locals

Day 4 Larrasoana to Cizur Menor

Day 5 Cizur Menor to Puente de la Reina

28 April 2014

Prevention is better than Cure

Yesterday the sheep’s wool came out. I felt my first hot spot and being the good girl … Read the rest

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Daily Routine

Day 6 Puente de la Reina to Estella

Day 7 Estella to Los Arcos

1 May 2014

Over a Week of Walking

We have now walked for 8 days -an average of 20km each day. We are both good but … Read the rest

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False Start

Day 8 Los Arcos to Viana

Day 9 Viana to Navarete via Logrono

Day 10 Navarete to Najera

2 May 2014

A False Start

This morning we let ourselves out of our accommodation at 7am leaving the key in the … Read the rest