Atalaia – Tomar 18.8km

Starting in Style

As usual, we prepared to leave at around 7am. Unusually though, breakfast was a beautifully furnished, massive dining room. Only two of us at a table that could seat twenty. We were staying in a family home, now a BnB which serves visitors to a famous annual horse event in the town.

Atalaia to Tomar


Wind and Rain

We brought ponchos for wet weather, hoping that they would be cooler than the rain jackets we wore last year. We didn’t bank on the wind! And next time I’ll remember to put my backpack on before the poncho!

Atalaia to Tomar

The poncho wasn’t much use

Our route today was through eucalyptus plantations.  A pleasant diversion from the road walking. Of course there was more of that to come!

Eucalyptus in Portugal

Eucalyptus in Portugal

How I kept the weight down

Weight is an issue. My pack is as light as I can make it but I still struggled up the hills today. Listening to a woman we met at Lisbon airport, I ditched my soap and shampoo. Now one bar of soap washes self, hair and clothes! And with only a comb my hair is suffering. Sunscreen doubles up as moisturizer. Our tiny quick dry towels got their first outing today as we’re in a hostel. Hopefully our sleeping bags and liners will get some use and we’re not carrying them for nothing!

Atalaia to Tomar

Tomar Street Scene

Tonight we’re in Tomar which meant a visit to the Castle overlooking the town. A fine heritage site.

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