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Discovering Sydney and the World

Started as a way to discover Sydney differently, to encourage others to get out and about beyond their usual Sydney haunts, Travel with Joanne has evolved. While I still regularly take myself off to a part of Sydney that I know little about, and write about what I find, I also write about my other travel adventures both within Australia and overseas.

There are road trips to Broken Hill and the Big Red Bash outside Birdsville as well as personal experiences in Iran, Russia and on the Trans-Mongolian Railway. Walking the Camino de Santiago (both the French and the Portuguese Routes) also gets a mention.

I encourage you to discover with me what makes the great city of Sydney tick. Interact with locals, learn about different cuisines, fascinating facts and discover new artwork in the form of street art and sculpture.

And then explore the world further through my eyes.

Discover Sydney for Yourself – Use My Maps

Be inspired by my writing and photographs to get out and about in Sydney, to discover something new about the city you either live in or are visiting.

After more than three years of regular exploring there are over eighty suburbs listed in Travel with Joanne. Some suburbs have a multicultural flavour (Auburn, Cabramatta and Strathfield come to mind). Foodie suburbs (like Petersham, Harris Park and Haberfield) and suburbs with graffiti (Newtown and St Peters) get a mention.

In other suburbs, walking along the coastline is the focus (Cronulla, Bronte and Watson’s Bay). Many are close to the city centre (Surry Hills, Darlinghurst and Newtown) but others like Palm Beach, Windsor and Liverpool are further afield.

I only use public transport when exploring a suburb of Sydney. Each suburban walk has a map with a general guide to the route I took which you can download, so anyone can easily follow in my footsteps.

Tour Write Ups

I will let you know if I write about a tour that I have been on as a guest of the operator. I only mention restaurants or other establishments if I feel they add to my story. They do not pay me.

Work With Me

If you like my style and would like to work with me, I’d be happy to talk about how we can work together.

All my photographs are available in large format. Use the contact form to get in touch.

Feedback from Happy Clients

“That is the best piece I have read on Kadoo Tours. The SMH, the Southern Courier and other bloggers have never done it such justice. So very detailed and accurate. We love it.” Grant Hyde, Kadoo Tours

“Hi Joanne, it was like walking the tour all over again. In fact, deja vu all over again – you captured the whole experience perfectly!…I love it …..Love your photography” Peter Hook, Hook Communications

“Thank you for a great story. Excellent review. Greatly appreciated your time, observations and indeed questions.” John Pastor , Go Local Tours

My Books

I have published two children’s picture books. They tell a story about places very dear to my heart – Dangar Island and the Hawkesbury River and are suitable for children from about age 3 to early readers.

Dangar Island: birds, barrows, a ferry and me is a simple story told in rhyme about the enviable life of children who live on Dangar Island. Available here

The Riverboat Postman, also in rhyme, tells the story of the ride that two children take on The Riverboat Postman, delivering mail along the Hawkesbury River. Available here


  1. Great idea and great site Jo. I used to spend some time walking around Sydney city each lunch time trying to find something I had never seen before. It’s amazing what you can find in your own backyard. Finding all the gargoyles in old buildings in town is fun too!

    1. Author

      Thanks Stu. Apart from looking for interesting graffiti I’ll now start looking for gargoyles.

  2. Hi Joanne
    A great idea. Ivor and I used to do that every Saturday and went to such interesting suburbs. It certainly made us appreciate our own city more.
    I’d love to hear about your walks – we are always interested in new ideas

    1. Author

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I am having fun exploring and then sharing.

  3. Hi Joanne
    Your site is beautiful! There really are amazing places in our city and I love how you represented the places I’ve looked at. Good luck.

  4. hi Joanne Just discovered your blog! It is great and a terrific idea to explore Sydney is this way. Am particularly interested as I live in Randwick and am a member of a women’s group in the Eastern suburbs. Have taken it upon myself to take the girls ( usually about a dozen) on walks around Sydney. I have mainly done ferry trips then a walk and then lunch. All around Sydney harbour. So I might take the girls on some of your walks, and may start with the Bronte walk. You have done a lot of preliminary work! So if I do it I’ll let you know how it went. Think the girls will enjoy it, I certainly will! Look forward to hearing more of your walks Cheers Patricia

    1. Author

      Hi Patricia. Lovely to hear from you. Do let me know how the walk(s) go. There is so much to do near where you are and getting on a bus to get there is easy – although not as pretty as a ferry ride. Have fun. Joanne

  5. I relocated to Sydney last year and have been looking for a blog introducing the various suburbs of Sydney through the eyes of a local. What a joy to chance upon your blog! Thoroughly enjoyed your posts and look forward to more of them.

    1. Author

      Thank you Judy. I am glad you enjoy them. I certainly enjoy getting out and about and making new discoveries. I feel I know Sydney so much better now that I have explored so much of it on foot.

  6. Love the niche! We all are so focused on discovering exotic new places that we forget to look at our own backyard. It inspires me to do a similar session on my blog about Melbourne.

    1. Author

      Thanks Kal for dropping by. I agree – there is so much in our own backyard that we just pass by.

  7. Dear Joanne,

    My wife and I have recently moved to Haberfield and found your blog to be informative and delightful.

    We are looking forward to exploring other parts of Sydney thanks to your amazing writings and trails.

    1. Author

      Hello Derek, how lucky are you to live in Haberfield. I’m pleased the blog is informative and hope you enjoy discovering this great city we live in.

  8. Dear Joanne, thank you for featuring Blacktown Arts and Ethiopian restaurants in Blacktown. We have an event coming up called Teret Teret, as part of our Magnify Festival – involving storytelling by a local Ethiopian Elder, in one of our Ethiopian Restaurants, scheduled for Friday 16 August, Saturday 17 August at 6.30pm. We would like to invite you to this event and are wondering if you would be able to write about it, if that is what you also do.

    1. Author

      It was only a pleasure to write about what I discovered in Blacktown. I had a lovely day there. Teret Teret sounds fascinating and right up my street. I’ll give you a call.

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